London Photography SUPERSTAR

All you need to know to take amazing photos of London

This is a step-by-step course to better London photography: tips, ideas, compositions and places.

This course will get you ready to start taking great, interesting shots of London. I've put together the essentials you need to know.

Here is what we are going to cover:

1. What makes a good photo—small tricks that will improve your photography today.

2. What you can take photos of in London. We are going off the beaten track. Get excited!

3. How and where to find interesting locations for photos.

4. What you can and cannot photograph in London.

5. How to compose your photos of London like a pro.

6. Where local photographers like to go to take photos.

Dear Katya,

Thank you for putting together such a refreshingly honest email course, and for free. To be honest, I signed up wire skeptically, because there are so many of these "courses" that just give you the same information over and over again and keep things muffled. Not to mention, people hate shaking where they took a particular photo, as if it's some big secret!! The world is big enough for these "secrets" to be shared, and I thank you for your lack of ego in bringing these places to a larger audience. Keep it up!

Your Instructor

Katya Jackson
Katya Jackson

I’m Katya Jackson and I’m a blogger at Ok, But First Coffee where I share photos of coffee shops and teach how to take better pictures with your mobile phone. I moved to London a few years ago and have been exploring it through photography. I love finding beautiful and interesting places to take photos of and I’m here to show you all the best locations I know.

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